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How long are the lessons?
Duration of 1,1.5 or 2 hours available.

No experience?
We can support you from the novice stage all the way through to test standard and then accompany you to meet your examiner for the Practical Driving Assessment. Use our cars for your Assessment.

Done lots of driving but now needing help preparing for the Practical Driving Assessment?
We can help with getting you ready, providing mock tests.

Not driven for a while? Needing your confidence building?
We can provide refresher lessons helping you get back on the road.

Transferring to a WA Licence?
We will support you – showing you the difference in road rules and test standards.

Structure of the Lesson:

  • Using a Portfolio of professional and educational diagrams and pictures we plan and structure the lesson and route for each individual student.
  • Routes are carefully planned to enable the student to practice the topic covered.
  • A brief and focus of the lesson is given at the beginning, followed by lots of talk through and feedback, as required. A de-brief concludes the lesson.

Why Choose Us? What Makes our Driving School Better?

We have been trained by the U.K.’s No 1 trainer of Driving Instructors: “The Instructor College”.

The College provides intensive training at specialist Driving Instructor Training Academies.

This comprehensive form of training is required to pass the three difficult U.K.’s examinations which are necessary to become a professional driving instructor.

We are now able to offer Perth and its community a Driving School of excellence for driver training and driving standards.

Safe driving is all about developing the right attitude and approach, and combining this with a sound knowledge of defensive driving techniques. We have been taught by the professionals how to help you become a safe driver.

Finally, the majority of our new students come from recommendations from our past students.

Happy clients…….Happy Instructors………Happy and Safe Driving




Please be aware that we do not pick up the phone whilst teaching – giving our students one to one tuition at all times. Therefore, if we are unavailable, please leave your name and number and we will return your call at the earliest opportunity. Your call is important to us and we always return all calls made. Thank you.